A Christmas Memory

This week, since Christmas is only a couple of days away and Hanukkah starts tomorrow, I thought I’d share a Christmas memory with you.

It was seven or eight years ago.  I had come home from college for the winter break and was excited to bake Christmas cookies, see my family, and have a very relaxing holiday.  My cousin had come up from Pennsylvania for a visit — it was the first time we’d seen him in years.  We were all so excited to spend Christmas with Jamie.  My mother and I had planned a big turkey dinner for Christmas Day.  We had the turkey all defrosted, we’d bought all of the vegetables, and I was baking sugar cookies for dessert.

It was Three days before Christmas and I was getting the cookies done ahead of time — or at least, that was the plan.  It was a warm December, so the kitchen was already warm and I didn’t notice until I went to put the cookies in the oven that the oven hadn’t gotten as hot as it should have.  I turned it up higher, but it still didn’t get quite hot enough.  Oh well, it might take the cookies longer to bake, but surely it wouldn’t be too big a problem.  The cookies went in, and twenty minutes later, they came out looking pale and still very soft.  That was when we realized that we wouldn’t be able to use the oven to cook the turkey for Christmas.  Later that night, I was cooking dinner and noticed that the potatoes were taking an awfully long time to boil.  Yes, that’s right, the burners weren’t getting hot.  It was official, the very nice, but very old stove had finally died.

It was three days before Christmas, we had a beloved cousin visiting, we had all the food ready to cook, and we had a dead stove that would never be up to the task of cooking Christmas dinner.  On top of that, we didn’t have the money or the time to get a new stove right away.  It was time to get creative, so that’s exactly what we did. That year, we grilled the turkey, boiled the potatoes in the microwave, and used two electric frying pans to cook the other vegetables.  If I remember correctly, we bought dessert.

That is one of the most memorable Christmases I’ve ever had.  Absolutely nothing went according to plan, and it was wonderful.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is happy, and memorable, and wonderful.

Catherine Hall

About Catherine Hall

Catherine lives in Bangor, Maine with her family. She gained her appreciation for food and cooking from her grandmother and learned most of her technical knowledge from watching the Food Network. When not in the kitchen, Catherine can be found outdoors attempting to grow vegetables (not always successfully), practicing yoga, and taking Capoeira classes in downtown Bangor. Catherine can also be found walking around town with her Guiding Eyes guide dog, Caleb.